Un plan parfait (2012)

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Run Time: 104 min
Release: 31 October 2012 (France)

The main heroine of thirty woman – Isabelle. She wants to marry. And finally her boyfriend proposes to her. But there is a circumstance that may prevent the pair to be happy. The fact that women in the family of Isabel is a family curse. Every marriage, by all means, ends in divorce. However, the main heroine of the film Un plan parfait is not going to give up so easy, it’s going to outwit fate and be with her lover. To do this, she found first got loser and fictitiously going to marry him. Then immediately divorce and create a strong alliance already with his favorite person. Unfortunately, this loser is a man with a real horrible and nasty character, to their sham marriage took place as soon as possible Isabel decides to help him write an encyclopedia for tourists. And for this she has to fly to Moscow together with Jean-Ivan, as well as to climb Kilimanjaro. And seemingly composed, as it was planned, but falls in love with Isabelle irrevocably this loser…

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Un plan parfait (2012)



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